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Auto tl – download Auto tl gdfl.gq4 Forex Indicator Current Indicator – Auto tl – can be downloaded here: Auto tl.! *if download process will not start, just press ctrl+S on new opened window (or cmd+S if you are on MAC).

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About our Mt4 indicators

May 16,  · ***The latest version*** -TL Trader- Automatic drawing of support & resistance trend lines For every Pair and Time Frame. Automatic Trend Lines. Meta Trader 4. TL Trader Forex Indicators.

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Schwager-New Market Wizards J. Schwager-Stock Market Wizards J. Feys-Path turtles From amateurs to legendary traders V. Niderhoffer-Universities Stock Operator L. Tweed-Psychology of Finance E. Lefèvre-Reminiscences of a Stock Operator S. Modify order Web Terminal. New order Web Terminal. Close order Web Terminal. Modify order Open online chat MT4. Install chat Forex Contests. Demo Weekly Contest Forex Contests. ForexCent Prince Forex Contests.

We keep on developing them, based on customers requests and on our ideas. Because these are traditional tools, not a "noname" indicators or a fake promises. The professional traders who are moving a lot of money - behalf of institutions - use these tools for a long time.

Most of our customers are recurring customers. This fact is the most realistic feedback to us that our products are usable and the developments are moving on the right way. But like serious traders don't do it, most of our clients don't "live" on forex forums, blog comments, etc. They are focusing only on trading, but nonetheless sometimes we receive reviews in email.

Here is some part from these:. Thank you all for your great accomplisments to the FX trading community. I love having an indicator that accurately and automatically draws trendlines. I especially appreciate the Divergence indicators you've included, since divergence is a big part of my trading strategy. I have traded divergence for some time, but I always found it to be quite stressfull to allways be looking after those divergences.

So thank you again for making my trading easier! I know I have to learn a lot but your site and indys will help me.

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