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Editor’s Note – Why does Opteck Suck in 50 Words? The thing that bothers me the most about Opteck is the above-average number of complaints made by their clients, and a very detailed one as well.

I do add a third BB with a deviation of 3. All numbers assume a bull market and are based on the breakout direction that occurs most often. That said, I have many many many people installing them in their master bath. I discuss what I found important in the book. The brim is very rigid, but the material covering your head is very cheap and flimsy.

MRRL staff moving from annex because of mold

Thomas Bulkowski’s successful investment activities allowed him to retire at age He is an internationally known author and trader with 30+ years of stock market experience and widely regarded as a leading expert on chart patterns.

We only use it to hold the positions to maximize our profit, but it has no role in forming the trade setups and taking the positions. Double Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy is good for trading the trending, as well as the ranging and sideways markets.

To go long to buy , you have to wait for one of the candlesticks to close above the BB1 upper band. If so, you have a long trade setup buy signal. Please see the below chart.

As you see, candlestick 3 is closed above BB1 upper band, and at the same time the two previous candlesticks 1 and 2 are closed right below BB1 upper band. This is a long trade setup. It means you should buy at close of candlestick Stop loss has to be set at the low price of the candlestick which has pierced the BB1 upper band I mean candlestick 3 , and the target can be at least twice of the stop loss size 2 x SL. You can move the stop loss to breakeven if the price moves according to the trade setup for 1 x SL.

For example, when your stop loss is 60 pips, then you can move the stop loss to breakeven if the price goes up for 60 pips. Sometimes, candlestick 3 not only breaks above the BB1 upper band, but also reaches the BB2 upper band too. This happens when the security is trending strongly:. When candlestick 3 is too long, you can set the stop loss higher than its low price, not to have a too wide stop loss. Candlestick 3 on the below chart has closed below BB1 lower band while candlesticks 1 and 2 have closed above it.

This is a short trade setup. Like the long trade setups, the stop loss has to be set at the high price of candlestick 3, and target can be at least twice of the stop loss size 2 x SL. You can move the stop loss to breakeven if the price goes down for 1 x SL. As I explained above, this trading system is good in catching the trends. When there is a strong trade setup, you can also take two positions with the same stop loss, when there is a trade setup based on the Double Bollinger Bands trading system.

Set a 2 x SL target for the first position, and no target for the second one. In case of a long position, hold the second position as long as the candlesticks form between the BB1 and BB2 upper bands, or above the Bollinger Middle Band. Close the second position when candlesticks start crossing the BB1 upper bands, or when one of the candlesticks breaks below the Bollinger Middle Band:. It means you should not expect to make hundreds of pips from each trade setup. You can trail the stop loss if you like.

Double Bollinger Bands Trading Strategy works on all time frames, but I use it on the daily and longer time frames, because it is easier, safer and more profitable.

Never think that you will make more profit if you apply this trading system on 5min or 15min charts. Trading the shorter time frames is nothing but headache, and you will not make more profit.

I spend about minutes checking the charts every day, but I am more profitable than day traders who sit at the computer for several hours per day, every day. Hi Kamel, your strategy looks great, I like that I can use it with Chris strategy together. Hi Kamel, I read your article again, and I would like to ask you one question, are there any specific rules for ranging and sideways markets?

I love articles along with Chris ones. Whole trading system in one page with easy words…. Very much helpful for beginner like me. I will increase my investment using this strategy. Will start following this strategy from the beginning of next week. Thank you Kamel, looks interesting and simple. Is there no use for the BB2 middle band in this strategy?

You can start from here: I have used this with great results. I do add a third BB with a deviation of 3. It acts as a very strong support and resistance levels. Hi Kamel thanks for a great article as always. I do have one question though: In an uptrend, if your 3 candle closes above the BB1 and the 1 and 2 candles closed below the BMB, will it affect the trade setup?

Hi Kamel very good to see you back. Hi Kamel, Many thanks to you for sharing your simple trading system, God bless you all, just a question …. All pairs listed here: Kamel — would you please look at the candle EURUSD for — if this were traded, and it seems to comply with the system — except that candle 1 closed below the BMB , then it would be stopped out — would you please advise what you would do? I think the candlestick date should be different that what you mentioned.

Please check and let me know. Hi Kamel Thanks for your attention — you are right — I had both the date and pair wrong — it was the candle on the USDJPY daily chart — thank you for looking at this. OR would this revert to a possible BMB continuation entry condition? It is a very interesting group of candles — in view of the rules. If you mean Compare this with To Kamel and Chris, please stay alive guys, we need you here.

God bless you with this an eye opening and the regards you have for Chris! For giving such a huge strategy free without taking a dime God will replenish you with wisdom and knowledge like he did to Solomon And to Chris, More grease to your elbow and wishing you the best life can offer We all your fans appreciate you and wish you good health and prosperity Amennnnnnnn I am Timothy from Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria.

Thanks for the kind sharing. What if there will only be two candlestick before the setup, will that setup still be a valid one? I can work, but experience shows that this system returns the best result the way I explained above. I noticed candlestick on Hence, is this a valid Bearish sell setup? Exactly the same rules have to be applied to the ranging market.

We take the setup, and move the SL to breakeven on time. Then we sit back and watch. Time will tell if we will have a trend, or the price will turn around and stay in the range zone. Thank you for sharing this with us. You guys are awesome people. I am new to these, did a lot of wrong things, hence have not been profitable yet.

However, you guys gave me hope and the believe that all is going to be ok. If 1 candel is closing below the MB, 2 candel is closing just below the BB1 in an uptrend. Hi Kamel, Thank you for sharing his. Hi, Kamel, For learning to identify the setup validity.

It should all at UpperBB1. Another pair for learning again. Candlestick closed on Thank you kamel for a very brilliant post. Please never stop writing to us. I read these posts with the greatest of pleasures! I just would like to hear how you gentlemen explain this phenomenon. Once again, Kamel… Thank you! From the very bottom of my heart. I wish you both long and continued success in everything you do.

I know I am. We have to be aware that our stop loss can be triggered sometimes with any trading system we follow. In case of BB head fake, in most cases it can not affect our positions, because we move our stop loss to breakeven as soon as the price moves for 1SL toward the target. In this case I happened to be watching at 10mins to close and the price was equally performing on both MT4 and my other platform. I am very surprised and a bit confused at this revelation. You did not waste my time at all.

I will be happy to help. The daily candlestick close time is very important. Any platform you use, make sure that daily candlesticks close at 5pm est. Trading is nothing but taking risks. The only thing we can do is limiting our risks and losses. There is no doubt that our stop loss will be triggered sometimes. This is what we can not do anything about.

Something that makes us profitable at the end of the month is that we enter properly, make our losses small, and our gains big. There is no short trade setup on Actually a long trade setup is formed by Hi Kamel, I would like to say Thank you for your new method. Its very kind of you sharing with us. Anyway I have a question regarding your new system. In spite of opening the new trade either long or short , does the 3rd candlestick have to be a long candle stick?

Can it be a short one? Also, in case of the 3rd candle stick breaking the BB2 with very long bullish or bearish candle stick, is it still the right time to go long or short? Will it be effective? Does it have to be applied while BB is expanding? Can the 3rd candlestick be closed in other forms than full bullish or bearish form? Is it still valid if the 3rd is closed as a doji? The candlestick close price is important.

Yes, you are right. In DBB system, we ride the trend when it has already formed and moved sometimes for several candlesticks. But the good thing is that we ride the trend when it is almost proven that a trend is started.

Hi Kamel, With this trategy, if the stop loss get triggered, do we re-enter or we just wait for the next one? Nice and simple trade system! You mentioned both options but it appears that you prefer to wait for the cross back rather than trailing the stop. It would better if candles 1 and 2 close right below BB1 upper band in case of long, and above BB1 lower band in case of short trade setups. This is the typical trade setup.

Thanks a lot for the great strategy, it looks good.. But, are there any special tips or tricks for this strategy? I tried to do this strategy with 4H timeframe on multiple pairs but I got more losses than gains.. There is no tips and tricks. It is as simple as it is explained above. Trade the daily, weekly and monthly time frames using this strategy and look for the trade setups exactly as it is explained above.

You will have a lot more gains than losses. I have read all your articles. I am glad that you are writing and generously share more awesome knowledge again. I have one question about the DBB. I would to know the logic behind this trade set up. It would be very useful to understand the mechanism of how the price react to it. I feel this is another effective trade set up and yet very simple which accounts for both statistics and the market psychology, thus I would like to know it better in details.

This strategy is not invented by me. I initially learned it from Chris and other senior traders, but I used more seriously than the others. I know that there are so many traders who use this strategy. Thank to kamel and Chris for Sharing such a great Trade setups…. Keen to give it a go. Just a question, I noticed on 2 of your long trade setup examples that either candle 1 or candle 2 were closed above BB1, but you mentioned that we have a setup if these are both closed below BB1.

How critical is this? Thanks in advance for your reply, and also thanks a million times for the unselfish efforts of Chris and yourself in helping us become profitable traders. Are you sure that candles 1 and 2 are closed above BB1 upper band? Please check one more time. Also here is more explanations: Thank you for sharing another strategy. Is it really profitable? Could you please share its characteristics especially profit factor, possibly loss rate stop loss hit at its initial place based on your experience?

I will do it as my time allows, and will share my results here. I have not calculated the profit factor, but it has worked for me for years. I would be really interested in even a rough indication of how profitable this system has been for you. It would boost my confidence a lot if i knew that someone has used this for years with decent profit. I bet when you and Chris discussed whether or not to share this strategy then Chris probably warned you about all the feedback you would get about this…..

It took me 15 minutes just to read this post. You guys are the best…….. Happy to said it worked.. It hit 2 x SL target long position..

Next I will try in bigger time frame.. Many thanks to you for your simple technic.. We just reported that trade setup as an example. It is too late to enter now: I will try find more setups in bigger time frame..

Really easy and interesting system. Keeping it simple stupid. I really am interested in following the system. However, I have questions: Following the system, how can we afford consolidations and little trend pull backs?

Must candlesticks 1 and 2 form and close under the BB1 or only close under it Long Setup? Can you please give us an approximate win rate of this strategy? Thanks a million times. Most of the people these type of secrets are sodding very high price. But you are generously helping to willing people. Kamel I need to test this in demo really enjoy all your articles thanks again mate. Sorry I slow to respond taking a holiday best John. Firstly I am new to and and have recently came across your page in the last few days.

I wish to thank both of you for sharing with all of us I will be putting this system to work today and will continue to read your articles which I find extremely interesting and simple thank you again guys I hope some day I can be a successful trader. We have been using this system for 15 years. Almost all professional trader know about this system.

It is neither invented by us, nor any other known person. I got a doubt on candlestick chart. I found that different brokers provide different trading hours thus it would affect the form of candlestick. Hi Kemal , I really love this BB system, its great, but there are just not enough setups in week over 19 pairs for me to trade it full time..

But what you guys are sharing here is really great, thanks you very much. There are clear rules on forming the trade setups. They are explained above. What you mentioned cannot be known as a trade setup. Then you should check the previous two candlesticks to see whether their close prices are below the BB1 upper band or not. My question is in a long situation, whether the two prior candlestics the ones below BB1 need to be bullish candles or can they have their close prices lower than the open prices?

This DBB strategy is really a wonderful trading system! Thank you for sharing with us your wealth of knowledge and systems. The trade went against me and hit SL after going up rather than down. It was not a typical short setup, but still a short setup. Please see the above examples and you will see the difference. While I sincerely appreciate your mentoring, even as I strive to comprehend the DBB strategy, presently, I am very confused: Hi Jeng , Michael this cool site and saw your here not Kamel , I was just sitting here catching up on some reading and saw your post.

If I may answer you? Feel free to email me with your response! Hi Matt, My name is Courtney and I am in the market to purchase a Sauna and came across your article. Very informative, thank you. I am looking for A deep detox, and have been told that heat therapy is something I should try to detox heavy metals and stimulate my sluggish organs to regulate my hormones and overactive immune system.

Can you recommend one that has the maximum benefits and the minimum risks such as emf exposure or exposure to chemicals used in adhesives and other materials used to build the sauna. Feel free to email me with any suggestions at redacted gmail.

Thanks again for the article, hope to hear soon! Matt, I would really appreciate your help. There is so much info out there and it is hard to know what to believe.

I have been reading your articles and I trust your opinion. I am looking for a deep detox and healing. I may need a separate unit for near infared which I am hoping will help with skin cancer. The sauna needs to fit 4 or more so there is room to stretch or lay down.

I am more concerned with quality and benefits. Right now it is between Clearlight and Sunlighten but I am open to whatever you might suggest. Is it going to be completely covered like under a patio? Matt, I was exhausted after reading your article on saunas. I kept scrolling down hoping to get to the real answers — which took forever, sifting through crossed out text in between your updated comments. It is the most tested, UL listed and inspected, near infrared sauna lamp.

Now it comes with a radiant enclosure having an R12 insulation factor. The outside has a beautiful warm wood grain pattern, heavy duty zippers, and comes in two sizes. The convertible radiant sauna tent allows three positions, so you can stand up, sit down or lie down during the sauna session. The larger Hot Yoga Studio allows exercise with near infrared therapy to enhance flexibility, reduce pain and shorten workout times. Additionally with the internal partition a smaller enclosure can be used for a sauna, or the whole studio can be used as a family sauna.

The Sauna Fix near infrared lamp and radiant tents are portable, totally non-toxic, have organic cotton webbing so you dont have to worry about GMOs, pesticides and herbicides from cotton canvas daunas on the market.

The system is also green, because absolutely no preheat is required, and people sweat in half the time as all other brands of saunas. An unfounded one at best. I tried Saunalite twice in Florida on a treadmill walking with a few brief sprints for 15 minutes and wow that was a skin bliss!

I usually trust Hippocrates recommendations too. They have a nice unit with all the right claims. I noticed their site also says the sauna should not be in a high moisture area. Is this true if all brands? Mine will be going into a large bathroom but even with the size of the bathroom, it still gets steamy during showers. Which brands, if any, are suitable for higher moisture areas? That said, I have many many many people installing them in their master bath.

Do you have an exhaust fan? This is a complete fallacy. There is so much infrared heat in a decent sauna, that it dries everything to the bone. You Tha Man Matt…. Thanks for the help! I was thinking about converting my water closet into a sauna. Was going to get an electrician out here for a light install bid, but wanted your thoughts on the idea? Did you remove your amalgam fillings and metal crowns first? I got a bio dentist saying I should also remove my 2 Root canal teeth and put a bridge in.

Are you still good with Enterosgel being the best binder? The made in Russia part has me a little leery…. It depends on what the heat lamps are… if this is your only option, sure. If you can get in far infrared, it would be a lot better. Of course you want to remove the source as quickly as possible, but some people tend to change once those are removed. Yep, still like Enterosgel, and I also like Ultra Binder if you want something that latches on to everything under the sun.

Ok…the good near infrared ones, right? I was thinking if I installed all six in that small room it would get plenty hot in there to sweat good and no emf or chemical wood problem. A Good far infrared sauna is bucks and needs a space. You like that Therasage portable ? How about the coffee enema detox? Rotate like a Kenny Rodgers rotisserie chicken Matt? No thanks, but that sure was some good chicken. So using the heat lamps is just is a scam? This Dr Wilson is full of it? Notify me when new comments are added.

Youtube Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter. Near Infrared Portable Sauna Kit. September 13, 0. December 29, 0. December 28, 1. Timothy Tri on February 25, 1: Matt Justice on February 25, 6: John Krump on August 5, Matt Justice on August 6, 8: Penny on September 2, Matt Justice on September 4, Sure that should work. A gaussmeter is what you want to use. Wes on February 27, 7: I am trying to figure out: Once I can get those answers I believe we will be good to go. Hope to see an update here soon!

Matt Justice on February 28, Holli on March 27, 5: Could you please email me your answer I can never find these comments a second time Reply. Matt Justice on March 28, 8: Wes on March 1, 5: Wow Matt, what a fantastic response! Thank you so much, I appreciate that. Matt Justice on March 1, 6: Wes on March 1, 9: Michelle on March 3, 7: Matt Justice on March 3, Lindsay on March 6, 9: Matt Justice on March 7, 8: Andrew on April 5, 1: Hi Matt, Thank you so much for clearly explaining all the benefits of a sauna.

Thank you, Andrew Reply. Matt Justice on April 5, 2: Andrew on April 11, 3: Hi Matt, My budget is not very high. If you have any recommendations that would be great? Matt Justice on April 11, 4: Roxanne Thompson on April 17, 5: Matt Justice on April 18, Hi Roxanne, Sounds like a good recommendation from the doc!

Roxanne on July 17, 5: Michele on June 9, 9: Michele on June 28, 8: RSS is a way of having information pushed to you instead of forcing you to visit websites and hunt for changes.

Second, the chart shows the Dow Jones industrials on the weekly scale. If you take the difference between the high to the left of A October 11 and the low at B , you will get a decline of If you use the closing prices, then the Dow has dropped The utility average is doing the best, followed by the transports. Tech stocks and the broader market are about tied, all three are near bear territory. The transports are still in positive territory, but the others have declined. The 30 stock Dow industrials are performing the worst among the bunch.

It is a good time to remain in cash or to trade the bear side by buying ETFs that specialize in shorting the market. I am not recommending any of the following for purchase, but if you want to buy something that is moving up, then consider these. I usually write these blog entries the day before they are due, but I was running behind yesterday.

I am posting this on Thursday before the market opens. Yesterday, after watering my grass for an hour in the morning, a storm blew through and dropped 2 inches of rain "in a short time," according to new reports. Hail the size of quarters scoured the paint off my chimney but did not dent the new Hummer my neighbor bought and has parked in his driveway, nor dented his sports car.

His garage houses something more important: Two toads survived the hail and pushed their way through the water to sit on my lit porch and hunt for bugs. What I find surprising about this storm is that small branches and debris litter the ground like leaves in autumn. I fear sliding on that stuff during my bike ride later this morning. I do 15 miles at between 15 and The top chart displays my blog entry from June It shows an unconfirmed double top chart pattern peaks A and B.

When confirmed meaning price closes below the valley between the two peaks, point 2 it suggests price will continue down. This is an updated chart showing the Nasdaq composite on the daily scale and it is zoomed in slightly.

Price has continued down since then, but not in a straight-line run. It pulled back first before heading lower. What interests me about this picture is the most recent candle, highlighted in the box. The upper shadow is the thin line and the body is the rectangle below the line.

Candle traders will probably tell you a tall upper shadow is bearish, especially when found at the top of a climb. I think this one is bearish because I saw tall tails on the other securities I looked at last night. Futures are down and that predicts weakness in the stock markets at the open, so I believe that the Nasdaq is going to continue lower today. Whether it stops within the support zone of the upper chart we can only wait and see. I show this for a reason: Formed between the two red lines is a descending triangle.

Price gapped higher at A and threw back to the triangle, bottoming at B. What makes this stock special, is that it is part of the building materials industry.

That sector is supposed to be hurting. And I am not talking about every home in the midwest floating down the Mississippi river and needing to be rebuilt.

This stock and others took off well before the rains came some as early as March. The industry is ranked 10 out of 48 for industry relative strength, where 1 is best. Other stocks in the industry are also shooting higher.

What dawned on me as I looked at these stocks is that chart patterns are just buy and sell signals. What happens between buying and selling is what makes a trade. I got lucky with HHGP and caught the uptrend near the start and sold a few weeks before the end. How can you tell if a lasting trend is about to start? I have no idea.

About the only thing safe to call a long-side as opposed to a short sale investment in this market is something related to oil. I found this gem when prospecting the charts. It is an exchange traded fund that "seeks results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Dow Jones U.

The chart shows that price has broken out upward from an ascending triangle. That suggests the uptrend will continue but you never know in this market. This is a thinly traded ETF -- just 41, shares traded hands yesterday June 23 , so you big spenders might consider looking elsewhere for a similar situation in another ETF.

Based on the height of the triangle, using the measure rule , the upward target price is That would give a new target of Since the ETF started trading in , it is at an all-time high, so there is no overhead resistance except for round numbers 80, 85, 90 and so on. I do not like ascending triangles because they tend to fail too often. Descending triangles with upward breakouts work better, especially if the breakout is first downward a busted pattern where the downward breakout reverses and breaks out upward.

If price reverses on this chart pattern, then a volatility stop placed at You can also place a stop below the bottom chart pattern trendline, about That would be much closer to the current action, or about 6.

You risk being stopped out on normal volatility but price is supposed to move up anyway. The chart shows the Dow Jones industrial average on the weekly scale. I drew a red trendline connecting the valleys since late , just to see if the current price action lines up.

This suggests that the Dow has reached a support line and it should turn up. Price is currently at B. This lines up with peak A in But below that is a support area I show with a green line.

It connects a peak in March and another minor one in July. I do not place much faith in this line because I think it will not support the Dow, should the average tumble instead of rise. I drew another support line in blue that connects, or comes close to, several peaks and maybe a few valleys. I think this is a more potent support zone. If the Dow were to drop, my guess is it will turn when it reaches this line zone, really.

What do I think will happen? My hope is that the Dow will turn up, perhaps following the path from B to C. The top of this range will form a double top, so it is a natural resistance area. The bottom of the BC trend rides along the red trendline, mirroring the March valley to the left of the magenta vertical line. If the Dow continues to drop, piercing the support zone setup by the red trendline, then it could follow path D.

This path approaches the July low, the origin of the straight-line move up to the peak in February Since price, on the way down, often does not fully retrace to the launch price after a straight-line run up, I think the average will probably bottom out at the blue support line, at D , and not at the July valley.

Either path C or D is possible, and it is too early to say which is more likely. For the record, I canceled the buy order on CEM. The stock was down when half of the others in the industry were higher. I do not like the way this one is shaping up. The chart shows a high and tight flag in U. Concrete RMIX on the daily scale. Price bottomed in April at 3. During the last two weeks, price has formed the flag of the HTF. The flag portion that sits atop the flag pole need not bee a flag or any other recognizable pattern.

This one looks loose, and that is not good tight flags perform better. Besides that, what is wrong with this chart pattern? The answer is nothing. Why then do I say to avoid this one? Because if you look at the other stocks in the industry, you would find an alarming trend.

In other words, the stocks in the industry are acting like skydivers without parachutes. Why would you think that this stock has an antigravity device? I am sure there is a reason but I do not have to dig for it. If the industry is going down, then I do not want to buy a stock, regardless of how well it is doing. There are other stocks with more promising setups than to risk one in which you are swimming against the current from the start. You can also look at this pattern as a measured move up.

That pattern is formed by the ABCD turns. The AB leg is supposed to equal the move of the CD leg. When the pattern completes, as this one has, price often returns to the corrective phase, BC. That would mean a decline in the stock. If you want to throw the dice and trade this stock anyway, then wait for price to rise above the top of the pattern. Place a buy stop at 6. In too many cases, buying before that time and you risk a failed trade.

Price will pause at 7, 8, and 9. Those are three areas of overhead resistance. On the weekly scale, price is sitting on overhead resistance right now, suggesting price will not move higher because of it and the weak industry.

It is now over a year later and the stock never confirmed the high and tight flag. In fact, price was a skydiver, cratering at about 1. This is a stock from my watch list and one that I tried to buy as recently as June 4. I do not own it as of this posting, but have a buy order in place on the stock.

The chart shows a cup with handle pattern. Then a handle should appear. He says that the handle usually lasts one to two weeks. The guidelines he recommends take up half a page in my Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns book, so I will not review any more of them here. Returning to the chart, price climbed from a low of 5. Price has returned to the level of the left cup lip, formed a handle and is now approaching a breakout.

When price closes above the green line, then that is the buy signal. I will not wait for a close above the line because I prefer to buy in using a buy stop. Since the right cup lip high is at 8. I mentioned that I tried to buy this about 2 weeks ago. I had a buy stop at 8. I did not question this with my broker because I figured the stock would drop, which it did. Anyway, the stock might punch through this time.

Volatility stop is at 7. It is also below the handle low, which I consider a plus. On the other side, I can see this stock moving up to 9 and 10 where it will run into round number resistance and more from prior peaks and a gap in early August.

I think the stock could push through this and move up to 11, but that may be wishful thinking. The specialty chemicals industry ranks 5 out of 48, where 1 is best for price performance over the last 6 months.

The stock is ranked out of stocks 1 is best for price performance over the last 6 months. According to them, in late May the company was in talks to be acquired by a group of investors but this has not been confirmed. This news corresponds to the May 27 gap when media reports said that Blackstone was in talks to buy the company. A takeover deal could send the stock higher but how much is unclear. The news did not send the stock up much, so the upside may be limited should the talks become public and a formal offer made.

Nevertheless, this is good news for the company. Vickers reports that insiders 11 of them were buying like crazy on February 28, but this looks like a company distribution of some sort than a bunch of insiders just deciding to buy the stock on the same day for many of the same number of shares. Ford Equity Research says that the company is a hold with below average performance expected in the next 3 months.

This does not give me warm fuzzies. The nightmare scenario is that Blackstone will buy the company for a markup, sending the stock gapping higher, and then my buy stop will kick in followed by a decline. I did not buy the stock which was a good thing because the cup with handle pattern never confirmed a close above the top of the right cup lip.

The company declared bankruptcy March Over the last several weeks, I promised a few people that I would write about some of my trades. I discuss my trades from time to time, but I do not trade that often, so pickings are slim. I will describe one of them if it is noteworthy and nothing else in the marketplace is more exciting. You can find my trades in the blog archives and in the quizzes. The quizzes come as a compressed Word document, but there are 40 trades to choose from. Also, it takes several weeks before I copy a trade to the archives.

I want to include an updated chart so you can see how price moved after I sold.

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