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Get information about offshore companies. Bethel Finance helps you create your offshore business and protect your assets from Europe tax.

We recommend that approach because no indicator is entirely satisfactory on its own. Currently, there are many brokers in the country, some that are offshore and others that are licensed and approved by the ASIC. A feature we like is that your connection has to be switched on. Anyone else aware of unhappy affiliates? The decision to act on any signals is yours and taken at your own risk.

What about offshore companies?

Sep 27,  · Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration. Discuss Canadian Permanent Residency for professional and skilled workers.

Right now, traders can deposit and withdraw funds using i-Account, iWallet, and other cryptocurrency wallets. This is a great news for existing i-Account and iWallet account holders who are interested in trading digital assets. Behind iLexExchange is a team of financial and cryptocurrency experts who work hard to ensure a safe and convenient trading experience.

Industry standard security measures is integrated to the platform to possibly prevent and eliminate hackers. Affiliates worldwide who are well-versed in fintech and cryptocurrency niche may sign up and earn high commission rates. Based in Estonia, iLexExchange sees itself as the most advanced trading platform in the future. Traders are confident using the platform because they know that their digital assets are completely protected.

An established fintech company, Liri Holdings Ltd. To meet the growing demand of providing convenient fund transactions, Liri Holdings was happy to announce that they consider incorporating blockchain technology and plans to invest in cryptocurrencies; such technologies will further streamline fund transactions between businesses.

Liri Holdings keenly observed the shortcomings experienced by traditional banking systems in keeping consumers satisfied with their services. By hosting its own payment gateway, Liri Holdings was able to offer e-wallet and remittance solutions to businesses, enabling them to have a secure and robust transaction processes. Known for implementing the latest technologies, Liri Holdings see itself expanding to continents like Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the U.

One of the notable advancements cited by James is when the tech giant Google introduced its breakthrough, Google Assistant, which allows an artificial intelligence to speak to a human over the phone. With the proliferation of new and re-established financial institutions focusing on digital technology, the Magazine aims to identify organizations that are working towards customer satisfaction, excellence in product development and innovation.

Amidst the speed in which technology advances, there are still traditional financial institutions that have not yet realized the full potential of digital technology. As part of this upgrade, iAccount collaborated with Kyriba, the global leader in cloud treasury solutions, delivering Software-as-a-Service SaaS treasury technology to corporate CFOs, Treasurers, and Financial Professionals.

Leveraging the functionality, scalability, and robust performance characteristics of Kyriba will enable iAccount to enhance its delivery of international wire transfer and settlement solutions with less complicated procedures and minimal costs to corporates and individuals expanding into international markets.

It has shown to be a favoured choice on top of having low, flexible rates. More than 1, global organisations use Kyriba to deliver global cash visibility, improve financial controls, and increase productivity across their cash and liquidity, payments, supply chain finance, and risk management operations. Kyriba delivers a total business continuity solution and is audited to the SOC 2 Type 2 standard to ensure that their clients are in conformity with their own data security policies and external regulations.

We, as a money infrastructure provider, are supporting the most convenient and cost-effective path to transfer money globally for commercial enterprises and corporate organizations. It is a financial technology company offering e-wallet solutions, money transfer services, prepaid debit cards, merchant account services, business consultancy, and offshore incorporation globally.

Designs to put up new offices in Africa and the Pacific region to live up to the demands of their worldwide clientele are being undertaken. The company began with 10 founding members from Japan and Europe. Aspiring to build cross-border business simpler and less expensive, they embarked on building up a money platform brand which is i-Account. Liri Holdings has three main pillars: They too furnish a white label solution which incorporates all the above.

Carrying such a commercial initiative is a worthwhile challenge because it comprises of so many facets of engineering, management, finance, and compliance altogether. Ensuring the systems are up-to-date is critical, since they deal with client data with extreme confidentiality.

The company leaves no stone unturned to have their security system in tip-top shape -- depending on their standard encryption SSL technology and a cutting-edge firewall system to prevent unauthorized access. Ensuring as well that client information is safeguarded from data theft, prevention of unauthorized access through an international standard server. Since all their services are duly licensed, there is also the fact that they are liable not only to their clients, but also to their regulators in Hong Kong, UAE, Philippines, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, among others -- the reason why Liri Holdings is exceedingly cautious in their choice of IT infrastructure and software for their IT park.

While the customer base for Liri Holdings mainly consists of banks, corporate organizations and payment service providers, they focus more on B2B and proudly put themselves as a money infrastructure for corporate and financial establishments, which is their competitive edge. In general, it is understood that inter-bank transfer is established on a SWIFT transaction, but apart from this, there are many other money transfer methods existing independently.

Additionally, small companies and a heap of people are not satisfied with existing bank services. There is a timely need to provide an alternative banking and financial solution to such clients. Shanghai will play host for the China Offshore Financial Summit to be held on November th, , which is such a great honor for Liri Holdings Limited to be invited and be part. Onshore and offshore financial, compliance experts as well as government officials will flock to the center of Lujiazui Financial Center in Pudong to share their valuable insights and experience.

Day Two of the summit will have Chinese advanced financial intermediaries, professional associations, international trust companies, bankers, lawyers and company service providers to comprehensively discuss investment, trading and wealth management and so on. Liri Holdings Limited will introduce four of our services - i-Account Service, Prepaid Card Service, Online Merchant Service and Forex Broker Package, which all aim to provide the perfect financial solution to corporations who need them.

Through this summit, we hope to meet more counterparts and clients, create more business opportunities, master more real time information and corporation needs, and to constantly develop and improve our products and service. China Offshore Summit official website: The founders of Liri Holdings had the opportunity to remit funds to foreign countries 10 years ago, and in that process, they devoted much effort interacting with banks to define compliant cross-border processes.

The delays within the remittance process, the high remittance fee, transaction charges, and the uncertainty in exchange rates has increasingly resulted in make customers dissatisfaction. Furthermore, discrepancies in online banking systems due to cut-off windows - or fixed hours of operation - combined with the lack of ability to get a real time FX rate out of bank opening hours meant that the exchange rates were irregular and markedly imbalanced. In that case, even if financial analysts foresee that it would require a big sum of money and would need to undergo a complicated process for international businesses to thrive using an international remittance service, they have to resolve the issue right away.

In fact, i-Account has been doing fintech before the word fintech was even born. Currently, i-Account is able to advance many partnerships with financial institutions around the world. And as a money platform, it is continuing its efforts to cut borders for remittances and settlements. By international brand cards, shopping in global shops and trading by cash can be realized via ATM.

Additionally, it is also a kind of on-line Money Platform service applicable in over countries of the world. It is a multi-currency account by which 22 currencies can be managed without any exchanging risk. Overseas labor market has great potential, we in Philippines and the Pacific islands of overseas workers who have developed this type of account, they can work to the local institution to pay back to the motherland after i-Account storage, convenient working and convenient management of financial expenses to pay home.

Financial institutions as the core users of i-Account services. It is the pursuit of large remittance companies or financial institutions to use the type of account. Financial institutions account can provide higher than ordinary bank remittance agencies or general amount. Ewallet Provider makes your global business networks much easier as it records each transferred funds.

We guarantee smooth and safe business with no hazards. In such a way, Ewallet Provider acts as a major tool to make global business networks grow. We are integrated with various international brand cards provided in low cost and low commission charge.

This technique can help interlinked shops to improve the sales volume. Settling with credit card is indispensable to on-line business. When the system has a bug, the payment via credit card will be terminated, and there will be a fatal problem if an improper decision is made, so it must be chosen cautiously.

The Merchant service provided by our company is based on the credit card standard PCI DSS plan system by which a more complete and safer commercial account can be provided to promote the enterprise exchanging rate.

By the on-line commercial service provided by our company, various commercial account demands can be satisfied in a more extensive and more reliable bank network. The risk is minimized by risk refunding and illegal settlement control, and the settlement can be performed safely by both the enterprise with the system and the enterprise's client.

PPS aims to solve all the problems faced by cross-border merchants. We understand the hardships the merchants experienced when doing business abroad. They always have to deal with costly banking charges and complicated remittance processes when clients buy products or settle membership fees. Merchants also experience such problems when making commission payments as they have to shoulder its costly fees. Merchants can fully customize the system Merchants are given API access to personalize the system and functionality of their platform.

Time and cost be improved dramatically We offer very competitive prices in the industry. In addition, PPS system is very convenient to use, freeing up more management time for merchants. Setup time and cost efficient PPS has the most competitive price in the industry today. Merchants with PPS system can focus on managing their business because it frees them of many tasks that PPS can automatically do.

Our E-Wallet service is a collaboration between your brand and our system. Our service enables you to enhance your branding by giving you free rein on adapting the service name, logo, and design to match your corporate brand, while featuring the necessary features to run an E-wallet such as hour money transfer in mutliple currencies and currency exchange.

We have a track record of providing simple, quick, and secure online money transfer services as an E-Wallet operator over the years through i-Account. Why not put this experience and knowledge to use with your original brand E-Wallet? As a professional Prepaid Card company, we accept international brand cards. To upgrade the convenient function, this card is interlinked to the i-Account of Money Platform service by which the card can be charged.

The fund can be charged into the card before using the card, in global ATM with brand mark and interlinked shops. Create your original prepaid card brand, enhance your corporate image. Designs are limited to company logos, customers can choose freely from original designs and other available plans. This service works best for: As a System Service Provider, we mainly provide Meta Trader 4 for Forex traders in FX field, and cooperate with the third party to customize a new generation of platform via flexible distribution with Broker.

We further cooperate with large banks in the world to provide competitive liquidity and price. A complete software pack service is provided for new Forex Broker so that the benefit can be maximized in the minimized cost in commercial operation and system maintenance. It contains i-Account monetary basic service and real-time transferring to Forex account, transferring among clients and cashing from card.

Different from some other services only applicable in designated countries, it has all globally applicable function. Deposits in i-Account are supported by SwiftBank in countries of the world, local banks in about 50 countries of the world, other types of E-Wallet, and cards or electronic coupons. PPS offers smooth processing of payments for organizations, businesses, products and service purchase support companies that rely upon settlements and commission payouts, as well as collections internationally.

Paysecurecard Kft is a company registered in Budapest Registration Number: George was for a number of years a professional advisor and financial consultant to companies and individuals on international business development.

Due to his frustration with regard to the quality of services provided by banks and financial institutions, he founded i-Account and LIRI-Holdings. George is responsible for its successful leadership, global vision strategy, and management. He developed the vision and strategic plan which incorporates goals and objectives which founded the target operating model and set the direction of the organisation. George ensured that the programmes and services offered contribute to the organisation's mission and reflect its ethics and priorities.

With a financial business career that spans over 25 years, Oren has championed company management, economic development, and investment assistance to thousands of individuals and corporations across the globe.

Rose is an accomplished author for several successful wealth management and investment books written in Japanese and published in japan. As one of the founders of LIRI-Holdings, he provides a steady hand in business development and innovation and strategic acquisition and is mostly focused now on the EU development and growth of the group. With his 10 years of experience of opera- tion in major BPO companies, he is responsible for the business operation execution and business infrastructure, ensuring more efficient operations in order to reduce cost and maximize profit He has extensive experience in start-ups, constructing and operating new bases of major telecommunications enterprises, private and local government call cen- ters.

He is dedicated to business continuity and cost deduction of corporate management through business process outsourcing He manages over members on a global scale, ensuring employee satisfaction that will directly translate into customer satisfaction.

As Vice President for Client and Partner Management, Rey works on understanding the challenges of different clients, and mobilizing different teams, globally, to create valuable solutions that drive business results.

The other scams that pulled out of the US primarily targeted offshore investors, eg. Like the rest of the US leaders and USI-Tech management themselves, Sylianopoulos is likely hiding from the angry investors he stole from. Simply will file with SEC and make payout adjustments. USI-Tech has already abandoned the US and Canada, signalling they have no intention of registering their securities offering.

Registering with the SEC gives the game away. How about my diamond package? My upline charged me 7k extra , broker fees she called it! Jan 7th, at 6: If they do it will be a first in history event of a ponzi trying to register as a genuine revenue program so I doubt that going to happen. Jan 7th, at 7: Jan 7th, at 9: London police have shown some interest in investigating MLM fraud. Jan 7th, at Some people are panicking, others are believing that because USI is such a great company it will all be okay.

Sharon James has also shared a statement she spoke to someone called Anthony who had been talking to Ralf Gold before he called her, and apparently everything is going to be just fine.

He did speak to Ralf Gold, one of the owners, prior to the call. Monday additional clarification will come out. A global leaders only call with Mike Kiefer is scheduled then. Individuals who advertised incorrectly and made warranties in Texas were removed. The system was voluntarily shut down so that funds could be paid out to current members.

Wording in the termination notice referred to continuing the customer relationship with us. Your balance is immediately reduced and you will receive the payment in the next company pay run. Your withdrawal will be paid in the next pay run that happens after the 24 hour security period has passed. You can view your list of Pending Withdrawals in your Withdrawal Activity History using the filter option on that page. More alternatives will be presented to all of us to watch our Bitcoin grow. As you know, hundreds of our group members are NOT on this email list.

Please keep them informed of these developments as we go forward. Where the really big money is!! Notice all the he said she said statements. Also they have conveniently not mentioned the Texas order calling out USI.

The uneducated affiliates will believe what they are told from the grubs thst Kiefer, Gold and Horch are. Just straight out liars. Very interesting how they implemented a pyramid scheme into a new trend of crypto currencies.

Interesting how many thought this was ok! I admit I dropped a few hundred on this hey it was like betting on a football game. The rumor later became that the Secret Service had admitted privately that they did not have a case and they needed time to work out a way to save face. The same thing is going to happen here. Now all we need is for USI to tell the US Distributors to send tea bags to a main stream media personality telling them how the evil US Authorities shut down their totally legal company and need to be brought up on charges themselves.

A travesty of justice. You can be sure the authorities have their own grapevine and most agencies around the world would know by know. Jan 7th, at 4: Referrral marketing is not a pyramid scheme or scam.

And referral marketing is not mandatory. And unless you can prove otherwise in terms of the BTC packs been investment packs paid by other purchasers, your accusation of it been a ponzi is speculative at best.

You cannot prove it otherwise and you are not a lawyer on the matter to issue those claims. To get paid, it is not required to referral market people into usi tech. It is an optional activity people can participate in and they dont have to be a paid member or owner of a btc package to earn commissions. Call it what you want, getting paid to recruit affiliates in MLM with no retail is pyramid fraud.

USI-Tech is a Ponzi scheme because they use newly invested funds to to pay off existing investors. In fact probably best your not a lawyer, as they seem to have a habit of getting paid to ignore the Ponzi and pyramid schemes that hire them. Just ask Hart David Carson. They examine how a business operates and act accordingly. Please explain to us with a bit of proof where all the money comes from to pay everyone.

If Usi is so legit then you should be able to easily provide proof. You are fooling yourself. Do the calculation of how much your seed capital is worth today if you bought Bitcoin direct. We have FOUR kids and a middle ass income…. Jan 7th, at 8: Outraged USI-ans will come looking for you. I made a fake profile of a small time ponzi pimp named Ben. Why instead did they destroy their biggest customer base just to avoid registering?

If they had proof-of-concept then all they needed to do was present the information of the revenue generated from anything other than subsequent investment but instead they just dropped the US for calling them out first and to make matters worse they blame it on their members!

Fred Not to worry. You may find it entertaining in a sadistic kinda way but you have to realize that the vast majority of USI affiliates are just regular folks — not professional ponzi scammers — who were just looking to get ahead, pay their bills, and send their kids to college.

You just gut-punched them a second time. Jan 8th, at I realised it was a dick move when it was blown out of proportion and can now only apologies for my mistake.

Jan 8th, at 1: Are you kidding… This thing is cooked prior to Valentines Day my friend. Imagine the Withdraw Requests flooding in right now… This this is…. Jan 8th, at 3: Fred I realised it was a dick move when it was blown out of proportion and can now only apologies for my mistake. I thought I made a mistake once. But I was wrong. I just have to wait a little longer. I had to blame somebody! Jan 8th, at 4: Standard Kubler-Ross 5-stages of grief response to traumatic revelations.

That is spot on. The depression part is going to be bad when people get there. Some have invested everything, and so have every single member of their family. I have a terrible feeling there may end up people who harm themselves because of this, because they have nothing left.

Jan 8th, at 6: Anyone else aware of unhappy affiliates? Jan 8th, at 7: It did cross my mind that he may not have expected it this soon and he may not have gotten enough of his money out in time. I know he had a huge amount of packs and a huge downline and he was likely planning to scam more money out of them for a while longer.

I got the feeling here that nobody expected it to end so soon, so the top scammers in USI may have been caught unawares as well. Even the earliest investments would have only expired recently days , leaving the majority of commissions derived via recruitment — most of while at 6 months in would have been rolled back into new investment.

Supposedly more info will be available within a week. Jan 8th, at 8: Especially if recruitment commissions and initial returns had been reinvested. No ponzi scheme can ever say that! The intelligence of anyone buying USI Tech coin after the packages scam fell apart must be questioned.

They must like self flagellation. Every Ponzi scheme pays out initially. And numbers in your backoffice! If everyone in USI-Tech tried to withdraw 1: Well that is exactly what is happening right now. If you had put your money directly into Bitcoin, you would have doubled your money. If you believe anything USI put out anyway. I wonder if USI will freeze the accounts of the 3 leaders for telling the BS they did at the company conferences — ethereum and bitcoin mining, free energy, ATM machines, tech coin bkah blah blah.

How could you have taken out so much more than you put in unless you mean you got commissions from screwing others over. The bitcoin packages have day turnaround. Jan 8th, at 9: Must need that money to pay off all the requests from affiliates. Or they just bought a small island to hide on….. Jan 9th, at Pls remove this post if it violates the rules.. USI has fully blocked any US or Canada affiliates from receiving payments or making withdraws out of the back office.

No money out, no repayments. Here is the memo. Our decision for the US and Canada was not easy for us as a company. From the beginning, we have fought for this market with all of the opportunities available to us despite all opposition. We have frequently denounced the misconduct of many partners in the US and Canada regarding the misrepresentation of our products and our company, and we have pointed out the risks and possible consequences many times.

We have threatened partners with exclusion due to their misconduct, but this has not led to changes in behavior. On the contrary, the portrayals of our business have become increasingly negligent. In the end, our advisors urged us to discontinue market access for our partners in the US and Canada to avoid more serious damage to the company. All further action in the US and Canada is now in the hands of our legal advisors.

All subsequent steps will only be carried out on the basis of legally-compliant instructions from our advisors. Of course, we will provide information on timekeeping in any case. Regrettably, investigations have found many abuses regarding double accounts and false accounts that have been used for unlawful payouts.

We will also prosecute these abuses to the fullest extent of the law. Until these investigations are completed, we are barred from making any payments to prevent additional abuses.

Jan 9th, at 1: Jan 9th, at 2: Jan 9th, at 3: Some have cashed out entire retirement savings; others have obtained bank loans or second mortgages. Jan 9th, at 4: This triggered increasingly difficult disputes with regulatory authorities. Again, we would like to point out that all misconduct worldwide with respect to misrepresentations or potential manipulation of our system will be punished with immediate expulsion from the company.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with all reputable business partners and customers so that we can continue our unique success story. They would have marched into court in Texas to prove they we legit.

Last, who the hell is USI going to prosecute to the full extent of the law? They fled the North American continent to avoid stepping foot in a court room. How stupid do they think their affiliates are? This is the gullibility test phase. The USI members who have started doing research on their own and are thinking for themselves are going to be denounced and kicked out of facebook groups. The people who parrot squawk repeating the lies their uplines tell them will be recruited into the next scheme.

Rinse lather and repeat. I tried to withdraw Bitcoin from my USI account 6 days ago and have not received it yet. The owners say that they will pay everyone the ROI owed on the packages bought, but I think this is proof they plan on paying no one. Jan 9th, at 5: The owners say that they will pay everyone the ROI owed. I just revisited the article from Guam and now there are zero comments.

Anyone else finding the comments have been removed? Jan 9th, at 6: Is it printed on soft absorbent paper with perforations between the sheets?

Because if so then it may not be useless. Jan 9th, at 7: Jan 10th, at Probably trying to get as much money now as they can. They also just posted a new contest for a trip. They need more outside money! There was no scam.. Jan 11th, at 3: I have a phone call date with Mr.

Jack McClellan of the washington state securities board. He wants further details about a certain someone whos promoting this scam and maybe a few questions about similar scams as well. Jan 11th, at 5: A Ponzi scheme solicits investment and promises to pay out more than is invested. Over time this blows out, resulting in an ever-increasing number of people losing money.

Victims of a Ponzi scheme have already lost money, regardless of whether they realize it or not. The only people who actually lose money if a regulator shuts down a scam are net-winners. Jan 11th, at 6: First of all, all US and Canadian members have not been totally banned.

All they have to do is setup an offshore account and they are back in business. This was nothing more than a lame attempt to hopefully head off an SEC investigation. In fact they said by taking this action it would stop any investigation, which is a lie. USI has admitted that a criminal act has occurred. What is incredible is that the members are doing that very thing.

Jan 12th, at 7: Jan 12th, at 1: Jan 13th, at 1: Jan 13th, at 5: Jan 14th, at Otherwise we would all be in on it. And if everyone is in on it, the get rich quick ship has already sailed. However I could see how excited he was and already emotionally invested.

I promised him I would look into it. These scum bags target their victims and play with their emotional state.

Thank you to the person who sent the advice to the Australian authorities. Muchly appreciated from down under! Jan 15th, at 5: Cass B — Let us know how you go but I doubt you will have much effect on them.

They are probably too far gone and emotionally hooked into the scam. If anything print out the Texas order and show them point 4 under Conclusions of Law where it says USI is perpertrating a fraud.

The only way for USI to demonstrate that it isnt a fraud is to register with the Board and we all know the answer to that. Jan 15th, at 7: Jan 15th, at 8: Jan 17th, at Lets start a book. When will USI disappear. Next week, end of January, end of February, end of March.

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