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The Forex Power Indicator is designed to help forex traders save time and boost profits by instantly identifying current trends and potential trade opportunities. It identifies the relative strength of the major currencies based on monthly, weekly, daily, 4-hour, 1-hour, and minute time frames.

After all, why buy an indicator that you cannot match to your trading style? December 2, at 4:

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Discussion sur cette video: Installation et configuration du robot xMeter. ludsar 07 fev bonjour,merci pour ton robot tout d abord.j ai un soucis,j ai telecharger xmeter mais dans les parametres d entree il n y a qu une ligne avec:true/false!pourtant j ai suivi ton lien!aurais je omis quelques chose??merci d avance et continue de nous surprendre.

What a neat, valuable little program! Henry, this appears to be a winner, so far. Your tutorial video that I watched last night was the key. Hi henry, I just love the currency strength meter. As long as I am trading, I will use it. Tim, not sure how you are getting the version 2. Try uninstalling all versions, download version 3 and re-install. A must for all fx traders. Keep up with the good work! One day when you have some time i would like to change some ideas with you.

So far very good and your meter is a definite help. But as i said when you have time we may discuss it Victor Fachada. Many thanks for your pursuiance of excellence in forex trading tools to help newbies like myself. Keep up the good work! Hi Henry, I have downloaded twice now, following the install and registration to the letter. I have the window and news feed up OK but I am not getting ant currency strength of any type showing in the meter.

A new version is in the works to fix that problem. Seems like with certain ISPs the use of custom port or sockets are blocked. With this tool I could make an informed decision on which pair I can trade without having to go through much hassle, thanks again Regards, Ray B.

Hi Henry,,,I have downloaded the new version 10 times but it doesnt work!!!!!!!! Just plain red and blue squares. I think CSM 3. Henry…Like your currency indicator.. I have download CSM ver 3 the first edition. Can this features be included in the next updates. How can i use CSM? Is there any setting of proxy server available? Hello Henry, sometimes CSM crashes on slidenews.

Error i get… line: Any idea what that could be and how to avoid it? I am attempting to download the new CSM Your unending effort to help the fellow Forex traders is much and highly appreciated. The new CSM v3. Honestly speaking, your dedication helped me to improve the way I am trading. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the upgrade Henry, this is a valuable tool, and you are very generous to give it for free.

I upgraded and then switched on, and got a ringing sound with alert boxes, so I had to close it. I am facing a problem with using CSM 3. I am facing a problem with CSM 3. Hi Henry, i ve downloaded your CSM 3. I do choose different skin sitting, but only can manage to see the different time zone without any currencies strength appearance Could u please advise me how to figure out for it. Hello Henry, I am working with two monitors.

Why is different values?? The only issue I have is that the time to the news release is always negative for me. For example it is currently Have I miss configured it?

Hi, When CSM v3 was installed on my windows 7 bit computer, the countdown timer displays the wrong values. The computer and MT4 server clocks are displaying correct times. A bit computer running windows 7 works fine. Is this a bug? Love the CSM 3. Henry, you, henry, and your team, are too much.

Henry, your CSM is just what I was looking for. Also I tried to join your learning system, but was not able to activate the link: Please let me in.

Henry, I have download your currency strength meter but the currency strength figures do not appear on each of the box.

Can you advise how to go about so that the figures will appear? Thanks a lot Mr. Thank you for this free usefull tols! I downloaded the latest version and the numbers are still not appearing. Everything else seems to be functioning, news, ticker at bottom, etc.

With the original v3 all the currency boxes were blue with no figures. Now the USD one is blue, the others are red still with no figures. Was really looking forward to this new CSM, looks great. I tried on both my win 7 and win xp pro systems. Any suggestions as to what I need to do to get it working would be greatly appreciated. I have been a follower of your service for about 9 months and have used the news profiteer CSM V 3.

I tried every setting, but alas, no readouts were to be known. Apparently the same gremlin in my computer that transmits my trade positions to the market makers allowing them to hunt my stops and take me out TO THE PIP, repeatedly, is playing games with your CSM also.

Do you have any recommendations that would allow me to receive a readout on your meter rather than blank spaces where those numbers should be?

Just curious, I followed your link in the email about the 3. Does anyone know where it is? Was trying to see 7-best-uses-to-profit-from-currency-strength-meter video link but it seems dooes not work. Thanks for your CMS 3. I had downloaded but I got problem…. I downloaded and installed the curency strength meter, its came up fine.

Hi Henry, Its me again. The link to CSM V3. Henry…I downloaded your CSM 3. I have logged onto the site to downlod this 3. As there is no way I can see what version I have on my computer could you explain to me please how I can access this 3. I respect your CSM and believe it to be a great tool for evaluating market strength and love using it but I would like to take advantage of any upgrades that have taken place. Thank you in anticipation. Hello sir, I am very much thankful to you for this great tool.

After getting this tool everyone get profit and cut their loss. Thank you very much. Did you mean for example at New York opening session, the CSM would show the strength and weakness of the currencies and say 2 hours later, the CSM would not??

Great tool, it is possible to have all tradeable news as per the calender on the CSA, instead of only listing the high impact news that you trade? This will definately be helpful so that we are aware of all upcoming news that could potentially affect the currency pair eventough we are NOT trading it? The version 2 was working well and after following the installation for V3, the CSI stopped working. The strength number for some reason is not showing.

Please advise what to do. Several attempts could not help. Just the same old row of coloured boxes — aaaaagh. One thing is fixed from the previous version 3 though — the news countdown timer now works — hurrah!

One final thing — there is no version control on the actual zip and msi files — but I did get them from your website, and did a complete re-install, so I have to trust that I do actually have V3.

Which link are we supposed to download from? Nice One Henry, Your have been wonderful and Intelligent. You have Inspired a lot of people with your work, Keep it up. Hi Henry, Thanks a lot. Is it okay if I install over the current version of CSM 3.

It would be great if you could show the version on the CSM. Hola Henry,,ya me funcionan los colores, gracias por la excelente herramienta. CSM update Available V. Hi Henry, thanks for the CSM, however I am not positive regarding the colour codes and enclosed values. Where can I find out? Thanks and regards Joe Karsten. Downloaded the CSM 3. By friday made over pips by the guide of de meter. Lovely piece and highly recommended for all traders.

Henry keep up the good work. You are highly commended for making this tool free. Thanks so much for CSM V3. It has always been a one of the most useful tool in my arsenal for trading the FX market. However, after installing the lastest version of the strength meter, it does not display the upcoming news, the remaining time and the expected value. Please, how can I can I fix it? I just downloaded your new CSM 3.

This really is a useful tool. One should not trade without the information that it provides. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this invaluable tool with your subscribers. But I have a question. How do I get the News Alert activated? I tried the 4 skins and also tried the price alerts function although that did not work yet.

I guess I will need some guidance on how everything works on this version. Are you planning to send us an instructions PDF or video to show how it all works? Hi Henry Just downloaded your new version of currency strength meter thank you can you please let me no how to set the alarm configuration — also the news ticker is not working. It would be much appreciated! I really like your concept of trading with Currency Meter. It might be very interesting if: Hi Henry, First of all, many thanks for your perseverance with the new currency meter.

I have downloaded it new meter, but I do not know how to read the meter readings. Is there a tutorial that you can refer me to? Can the next version have time frame settings? It is difficult to scalp with the current settings as they seem to be a longer term view.

Thank you for your indications. Hello, I want to connect Newsprofiteer 2. I guess you have dropped the idea of letting us have the Currency Strength Meter Version 3 for some reason. Is it still in the works? Should we expect it shortly? Please remember that CSM is free. It almost sound that you are demanding for the new version.

But the good news is that it is available right now, so please goto the download page. Thanks for the currency meter. I m wondering, why the data is become zero when i tick the DDE. I need your help very much. I downloaded this, but it is not working. Hi Henry, i downloaded the software i m using MT4, how do i access it? Henry, Have you updated the Newsprofiteer Meter yet? I remember you said you were. I havenot heard anything. Thanks Dr Henry for this free gift, thank you for your deep concerns for those of us who have not made profit in forex mkt.

I hope this will be of great help. When is going to be available again?? Would you please let me know? Thanks and keep up your beautiful work…. Hello again Henry, I regret to say that I still cannot get the meter to work. Would you be willing to share your knowledge on how to determine the strength and weakness of a currency so that I may try and develop a tool that will work with my platform? Jim, the current version only works with MT4; upcoming version 3.

Thanks Henry, You did a nice job here, i most commence it. My question is, I enterd a trade today, strong currency usd verse chf weak, but there was no move at all, What will i say is the cause? Ubtex, the strength meter is to be used as a an additional confirmation tool for entry and what currency pair to trade; but you must consider other factors. I think we should make do of what we have currency Meter V2 from Henry and keep thanking him for making it free to us rather than asking for V3 when V2 is still doing well.

John, the currency strength meter has always been a free tool, and upcoming version 3. Hi Henry I am a newbie to forex and learning to forumulate the strategies which suits me. First I should thankyou for providing this tool. I found this tool very interesting and helpful. But I want to forumulate the strategy which suits my time and personality for which I need the strength of the currencies at that particular time interval say every 30 minutes like 1: So is there any program where I can have screenshots of the currency strengths at that particular time intervals at my home PC even if I am not before it?

So that I will have the idea of the market movements of differenct currencies. But I get How can I release the NP account association? William, please watch the 7 best uses of the meter video at: Hi Henry , does V 3 have like a chart of previous history , ie Ive seen some paid currency meters where you can see past strengths displayed as a line chart , if not maybe for V4 thanks. Hi Henry, thank you for the great tool. Helps a lot to spot any risk appetite or risk averse mode in the market.

It just does not update. I have kept it on for hours and still the strength indicator for the currencies remains the same. For the last two days the numbers have remained the same. I uninstalled it and re installed it a couple of times. But still the numbers on the strength meter remain the same.

Please when is V3 currency meter coming out? OR if it is out where can i download it? V2 currency meter is very useful to me. Thank you very much for such a wonderful Meter. Loaded the indicator but all boxes stay blue. Does it take a couple of weeks to warm up while collecting data, before displaying the information? Hi Glen, I had the same difficulty. I hope it will help you, too. Today I downloaded for 3 or 4 times, your currency strength meter, but it doesnt work, on 2 different computer.

I saw your tutorial video. What is the problem, can you help me please?! I want this tool! Liu I had used this software, really good, n I waits for new version because this software made my laptop work so hard, I guess because of display mode is not made for win 7, thanks a lot. Good day Henry and compliment of the season. Thanks for the meter. But please how do I use it more effectively.

Can you please give me the guideline in text. Hi Henry, scratch my last post, the meter is now working perfectly. Umm how much longer until the new csm is ready? April 1st is right around the corner. The anticipation is killing me. Is it still coming out today Henry? I have the V2. When will the V3 be available? Hi Henry thanks for creating avenue for free down loading,well i want to give it a trial may be it will turn all my effort in currency trading a profitable one. Hi Trevor, We are about to release a new version 3.

Henry is working on an EA version of the currency strength meter. My MT4 broker demo account only seems to have about 16 or 17 pairs showing even after doing "show all" in MT4. The Meter is still showing plausible numbers, but I am wondering if, without the full 19 pairs, it has enough data to work properly? This is a great tool. It is a must have tool for traders. Please,keep up the good work. I ve same problem as Lekan. The table shows 0.

Hi Christopher, Please make sure that you have completed these steps: If your currency pair names have a suffix ie. Hi Henry, concerning the currency meter, i have downloaded the meter and i have enable the DDE server on my fxdd, but when i open the meter it only show 0. With due respect can you pls help me out with this problem.

HI Henry, i have tried all what you told me but the problem still remain the same, please is there any suggestion?. Hi Badmus, Please make sure that you have completed these steps: Hi Henry, Thanks so much for sharing your hard work, Its very kind of you! One thing I think it would be great to see is that if it could plot a graph so that you can see in an instant whether a currency is gaining or losing strength at a particular moment i. Thanks for your time.

Gareth, it should not make a difference if you have it installed in more than one computer. Try reinstalling the meter in your laptop. Hi Henry I have downloaded the csm and it appears as an icon on my desktop, yet when i open m4 and the csm no numbers appear in the meter…. I just placed a trade in my demo account by using the meter strategies you talked about in the other video…currently it is in profit so far so good.

It should work with every MT4 server. You have to be specific with your problem. Most issues have been answered in the comments. Just need to read them. I downloaded your currencystrenghtmeter but the colour is not functioning as it should. When it reads like 2. Hi Henry and thanks for the meter. Question, i see you have an address in miami for a business you use are you in miami? I had version 1 and it just stopped working yesterday so have downloaded version 2.

I hope it works… Looking forward to your 10k to 1M.. Hello, I just downloaded the currency strength meter. How can I tell if it is working?

Downloaded the Strength meter twice still will not work??? I am using Windows 7, is this the problem? Andy, it should work with Windows 7. I have it installed in my Windows 7 laptop and it is working correctly.

Can you specify what is the error you are getting. I downloaded the programme and allowed the DDE setting ,but I get 0s in all the tabs. Is there something else I missed out? Hi Henry Thanks for the tool and the updates. Very useful I tried to DL V2.

What Am I doing wrong? I have just downloaded the meter and is working. Hi, I just downloaded the meter and am just wondering, will the meter move with change of closing price. My just stuck at same level for 5 minutes. Please could you check what is the problem with the new edition. You can give me the link to your old edition thanks. Please Henry I think the currencystrengthmeter can be downloaded on ones computers if one have more than one?

Also when I open meta trader FXD the whole meter shuts off. What am I doing wrong, please. Wow, what a fantastic little tool Henry. Just loaded up and I can see the advantage immediately. Many thanks for your generosity and ingenuity. Newsprofiteer Currency Strength Meter 2. Text looks too big for screen. I hope in next version you add option for select visual display.

Yesterday I downloaded your software. Thank you again for helping all of us. In one of your videos you had an Excel based version, Would you please setup a download link for it as I do most of my trading with Excel. Henry, thank you very much for sharing your meter, this is being used by a small group in a trading chatroom. We have found it to be an additional invaluable tool.

Hi Henry I watch ur video ur currency strength meter is nice, pls do send me your video on fundamental news, one of 45minute. This is fantastic, you are a very smart guy.

I am working on strategies with it. I emailed your support team with ideas,would be good if you could read through. So what colour should we use? I just double checked. Maybe is your antivirus or internet security software preventing download. I just downloaded the meter and I will try it soon. Thank you so much for your kind heart sharing this tool. You look for a weak currency low number and match it with a high currency high number and you can either SELL in the direction of the weak or BUY in the direction of the High.

What is the best currency to trade? Watch the video Anne on the 7 best uses. The currency Strength Meter is very fantastic. I had lost my from my system. I am therefore requesting for another one.

Thank you for your good work. Henry,I just use your strength meter in 5 days the result its fantastic 5 days i profit without loss,thanks.

Hi Henry, I dont know, where is the problem. But the meter is not going. Its posible, that the Problem is in Firewall or language of MT4. Thank you for your answer. I am unsure if the language could be an issue. Hi Henry, can you help me please. I have a problem with the Strength meter.

All what is in your quide is ok, bud the Strength meter is not going. Thank you for your help. I think Mario and Leo might have the same issue. I am going to download the latest build tomorrow from a complete fresh installation and see if that would break the meter.

So I checked it and then started the Meter. Many thanks for your very interesting and productive website. Got a problem with Newsproffiteer however. Comes up for a few seconds then all windows go Blue and stay there. Any way to correct. I have downloaded twice,.. The other possibility is that your broker has a different quote, you have to enter whatever follows the quote in the textbox which will appear after you checked the My broker uses a different quote box.

I have a normal broker and I installed all correctly I mean. Your currency setting is probably set in a different way than us. You probably use comma as a period and period as a comma. If you can change your Regional setting in your Windows settings using US Dollar setitngs, then it would work. Sorry, you answered my question already to someone else.

Is it the firewall? What OS do you recommend to best use with this? I have windows 7 and the meter freezes all the time.

I have to close out and reopen quite often when I suspect that it froze. How do we fix this problem if there is a solution? Hi Henry Thanks for taking time to produce a very comprehensive video; explaining the valuable use of an excellent tool. Hi Henry, thanks for this great tool! Do you think you could reveal the maths formulas behind it? I just downloaded the Currency meter. Is there a text document on how to use it. Pls i would like a copy. The meter is dead. Why does it depend on MT4 when it runs on its own??

I have the same readings now for 12 hours ,no change. Can you plz help me sir? Thanks 4 this currency strength meter, i tried it and sometimes work but then, i still need to listen to the presentation. God bless you Henry. Dear Henry I found out that your program shows us the market sentiment and how to chose the best pair to trade. I am using pending orders at both sides now.

Would you please help me to find a better way of trading , using your program? My currency Meter does not show any numbers zeroes only. Now i tried to download it to my laptop as well, and have the same problem as Jay have. It shows zeroes only. Do you have any suggestion? Remember do not enter the quotation marks, just the FXF. In return, you will get it: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Invitation to the discussion Start date Jun 22, Tags indicator xmeter. Invitation to the discussion New Member Jun 22, I propose to discuss it! Click to post on this thread Possible pre-conditions for start the discussion: Metatrader for XMeter Forex Indicator is known to be free.

Additionally, the XMeter is truly an excellent indicator because sufficient of time and effort is not Each performs better and worse in some market situations. Some have the possibility to make notification like alerts, mail and push-notification but only if it is written on its product page.

Download all free Indicator for MT4 at once! Swing Trading Cloud MT4. Japanese Candlestick Patterns MT4. Triple Bollinger Bands MT4. Heiken Ashi Smoothed MT4. Colored Stochastic Oscillator MT4.

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