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A script for opening a grid of orders If you need to quickly open several pending orders (Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop) on a certain distance from the current price, this script will do all the routine for you!

Easy And Fast Pro. January 10, at Parabolic EA This expert advisor trades the parabolic sar indicator with fully customizable trading settings and hours. Since I could not find one, I developed the system myself.

Schaff Trend Cycle indicator

Стратегия Binary Gold Strength – это простая и понятная торговая система для торговли бинарными опционами.Торговая стратегия Binary Gold Strength основана на сигналах форекс индикатора Gold Bollinger Bands и имеет трендовый характер.

Sure, here you go: This is the basics, check out here: BTW latest version is here http: This is an excellent website to find tons of indicators. I've tried to find it everywhere with no avail. Yes, this site is really excellent when it comes to indicators: Anybody knows where to download or to buy it? That brings us to the usual pros and cons section analyzing the merits and demerits of the MACD Histogram.

A look at the big advantages:. Its simplicity in approach and ease of plotting makes it a common and widely accepted to choice for a significant majority of users. Traders not only find it simple to understand but even to plot these when the trading platform that they use do not support it. It is a highly flexible tool with easy adaptability across market conditions. Whether you are a seasoned market veteran or a novice in the market space, this is one tool you can always depend on to identify any potential trend in the market.

The visual representation and the use of color make these histograms fairly simple to interpret and analyze. Whether you are a market analyst, a day trader or a hedge fund investor, across investor group, the MACD emerges as the winning choice for most who delve into analysis.

Perhaps the MACD is a unique tool in its very approach. The nature of it is such that you are totally incapable of rushing into your trade whether it is to buy or sell. As a result of this, getting trapped into a false signal is fairly limited. However for the effective execution of the trade using the MACD Histogram, traders have to pay attention to some key criterion. They must understand that there are some unique features of this indicator as a result of it being a lagging representation of market movement.

No patience by far is the most significant area of concern. Not just while entering, you need patience while exiting a MACD strategy as well. Supposing you are in a hurry to exit and rush out even with a proportionately low profit figure, you end up being in the same position as you would be if you entered at an inappropriate point.

The effort and the cost do not match, and the resultant return is significantly lower than expected. Another important fact is that it is a lagging indicator and gives you delayed information.

As a result of that you cannot execute any trade on a fast track course using it. Slow and steady is the mantra if you are using the MACD histogram. We use candlestick patterns along with Bollinger Bands breakout to locate the trade setups.

However, MACD is a great indicator for those novice traders who have not built their patience and discipline, and so they get in too early when there is no trade setup formed yet, and get out too early when the movement is not matured. Time and again the importance of disciplined trade has been reiterated in the market place. The MACD Histogram in this context is a unique approach to trading your existing positions on the basis of the divergence in movement rather than the actual price action.

The dynamics of the markets allows easy expansion of positions and makes it an equally lucrative position for traders and investors alike. Any market veteran will always tell you that the trend is your friend. But the question is how you befriend the trend.

Well, that totally is dependent on your ability to spot opportunities and devise strategies to maximize your gains from it. As we all know, trading with the trend improves the odds in favor of the trader significantly. The MACD, therefore, is not just a tool to maximize trend-spotting but also to optimize trend trading in a way that your profits are never compromised with. And how come the traditional and MT4 default are different? The indicator installation instructions is added below the download link in the above article.

Hi Chris, thank you for your time and everyday work. Today I would like to ask you about EURCAD daily chart, I see side way market, Hammer candlestick, and Double bottom, it is not our typical strong, trade setup, but it looks good for small long trade, what do you think? The Hammer formed above a not too strong support level. It seems the confirmation candlestick is forming too.

If confirmed we will have a long trade setup which is not strong and will be risky to take. I have the same problem. I get a message saying: However, it is easy to find another one on the internet. We all have to find are own way but simple is best. Good luck to all nest week. I have 2 separate MT4s with 2 brokers running and neither loads. Hope it works for some of you. I have installed it in the same folder and it works for me.

Is your MT4 updated to the last build? Hi, I think there is file missing in the download. The ex4 file is the functional file. If you delete all the source files still the indicators work.

Nothing happens on the chart as what several people had highlighted. Please try it on newly installed MT4. Although signal keep repaint maybe until 3 yellow dots if you are pretty dumb luck, it will still ITM after 1 hour.

If out the money , please stop trade for hours. I am very satisfied. Just a bit curious. Would someone please let me know what is meant by expiry time on the indicator that I see mentioning in this thread. Thanks very much for your help. So I get that the dot signals on this do not repaint. Anyone actually using this for their day to day trading?

If yes, are there any other indicators, tweaks we can add to it to make it more accurate? Looking to test this on demo for the next couple of weeks. Forgot to mention, backtest I did was on M5 charts for 15min expiry, and completely ignoring trend on higher timeframes. Thanks for the great strategy, it works extremely well if you know price action.

Care to help some of us as well? Hi Palesa, I too am working on this strategy and it works well most of the times except when there is a trend change and then its a horrible setup.

Am looking for good entry point indicators and would be keen to know additional indicators to help identify this. Hey Skaihighlow and Serban. Hi guys, i have added a non repaint arrow indicator, its awesome..

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