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Streamline your Forex trading even more with the Ultimate Market Scanner. This powerful automatic trading software lets you trade with absolute precision.

It can look for either Long setups, Short setups, or both Long and Short setups on multiple time frames. This may greatly help in avoiding "traders fatigue" when after staring at charts for hours, everything starts looking blurry and traders may lose focus and direction. Looking for trade Entry. What is the ATMS. Past performance, whether actual or hypothetical, is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Powerful Features Like These Make Trading Easy and Profitable

What is the iSAP Forex Scanner? The iSAP (iFT Scan and Alert Pro) is an advanced Forex scanner that works with Meta-Trader4 platforms. The iSAP scanner identifies chart patterns and setups used by the professional iFundTraders Master Forex Traders and then alerts traders when these events occur by voice and sound alerts, email, and labels on the charts.

Watch More Video Tutorials. The key to locking in profits and removing the emotion with your trade is by following the UMS alert schedule to move the stops with the interval update. Now I can rest easy knowing that my win is secure. Past results as represented in these testimonials are not necessarily indicative of future results or success. Testimonials may not be representative of all reasonably comparable clients.

Trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Identify potential winning trades and lock in profits with this dynamic market scanner.

Refine your trading strategy with automated alerts and market performance summaries. Eliminate the learning curve and trade like the experts! Improve your probability with this easy-to-use market scanner. The bull marked the reversal point from the prior down-trend to the start of a new up-trend. This bull reported by the iSAP could have been traded very successfully using the iFundTraders trading strategies when implemented correctly.

The iSAP then reported a close above the 20 bar marked 2 with a follow-through long signal reported by the iSAP on the following bar for another potential entry. These VBS setups could have been successful traded using the iFundTraders strategies as initial trade entries and or as good locations to add to an already existing trade for very large profits.

Red Bar Ignore RBI and Bull Elephant BuE bars seen in this example are used by iFundTraders under the correct set of circumstances as trade entries or locations for adding to an existing trade as well, and could have been traded very effectively in this example.

This iSAP report and the report on the following bar bar 2 of "follow-through long", certainly if traded correctly using iFundTraders methodologies would have been a very profitable trade.

Another bull elephant bar shortly followed bar 3 , and could have been traded very effectively as well using the iFundtraders Bull Elephant bar trading strategy.

These could have been traded for great profit using correct implementation of the VSS and Bear Elephant bar trading strategies of iFundTraders. Set the scanner to scan for your favorite type of trade set ups in ANY time frame when the alert triggers you look at the set up assess your risk enter the trade into the ATMS and you have a complete trade set up for you including the set up you want and the risk management of the trade complete with stops and take profits all in place.

Each and every evening when I have completed my daily analysis of my charts I can set the iSAP up to only look for trades in the direction I have chosen and the time frames I like to trade in. This is done in a matter of minutes and is very user friendly, I apply the iSAP to all charts I have a interest in trading the next trading day and do not have to sit in front of my screens all day waiting for a set up.

The iSAP is so versatile that trades that are still in the setting up stages I will use it to watch both sides of price on my chosen time frames to see how it is developing.

The iSAP is also capable of audible alerts as well as email alerts so you again can carry on with your day and have the iSAP working for you doing all the scanning". I used to miss setups on a regular basis because I was preoccupied with other trades or looking at a chart that did not demand my attention as much as a potential setup does.

With the ability to adjust the parameters in iSap to only look for entries that fit within my trading plan, I now know whenever a setup that I like to trade presents itself.

Another function I love about iSap is the updates and alerts at the top of the hour and every 30 minutes keep me on top of my top down analysis for each chart. I like how many different setups that the scanner can look for as well as the simplicity of use that it has. It can look for either Long setups, Short setups, or both Long and Short setups on multiple time frames.

After my daily analysis I set the iSAP to look for setups in my trading direction and the time frames that I trade in. Just set the iSAP scanner to look for some of your favorite trade setups and when you hear the alert on your computer or get an email to your phone just look at the chart and place your trade with the ATMS which will completely manage your trade. These tools have helped me so much in my trading by notifying me of trade setups iSAP so I no longer miss them when not at my computer, and manage my trades ATMS when I cannot be at my computer.

It has become my eyes for those parts of the market I am not currently watching myself, and gives me an accurate read of setups by time frame. It is then my job to evaluate those setups with regard to overall trend and daily bias before I take the trade. But it is that one step -- knowing that a possible trade is setting up or has just set up which is so valuable.

I fully expect it will propel my trading forward! It is an excellent tool and should reduce the number of missed trades. I can now setup the iSAP and not have to constantly flip between charts looking for setups. Learn how some professional traders find using the iSAP invaluable.

The iSAP is a very powerful tool, and can potentially greatly help traders in their trading. It is very important to understand what the iSAP does well, and its limitations, in order to use it effetely. Avoiding trader-fatigue, and avoiding missing trades. The iSAP, being a machine running on sophisticated algorithms, is consistent, and does its job for hours without getting tired. This way, you can do other things while trading, and avoid staring at charts for hours waiting for certain events to occur.

This may greatly help in avoiding "traders fatigue" when after staring at charts for hours, everything starts looking blurry and traders may lose focus and direction. Many of the master traders at iFT prefer trading the longer time frames of the 1 hour, 4 hour and even the daily charts, as they believe trade setups on these time frames often have better winning odds. Waiting for setups on these time frames can take very long time, hours or even days, and thus are easy to miss for people who are busy doing other things.

The iSAP however can be used very effectively to scan the charts on the longer time frames and alert traders when potential setups occur. The iSAP thus helps you avoid missing events that you may be waiting for a long time to setup.

Looking for trade Entry.

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