Nigeria: Financial Market Expert, Marcus De Maria Set to Host Free Forex Trading Seminars in Lagos

Aug 09,  · Wywiad Marcus de Maria Szkolenie Gieldowe 20, views. Brutalna prawda o brokerach forex typu market maker (dot też brokerów z BITCOINOWYCH).

I doubt this is a scam company, and want to get my refund. Mar 13, 4:

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Marcus de Maria added 3 new photos — feeling blessed. · June 18 · It was all fun and games for Father's day, until l genuinely lost at bowling 🤦‍♂️ /5(51).

You need certainty, you need variety, you need love and you need significance. So this is our way of giving back. His justification for charging such a substantial amount is that if you give something away it has no worth. Surely this ethos, fair exchange, goes against capitalism? Both parties strike a deal but both parties can never win — someone always loses. She is confident her gains will far outweigh her outlay. Everyone in fact is resolute they will do well.

Incredibly by the end of the day I, the cynic, have been sucked in. The motivational speaking, the market- ing spiel, the stockmarket lingo and team-building exercises — all of it has me rapt. I tell him I want to come for my own benefit. Hours later I become disillusioned, doubtful. I voice my feelings to those closest to me, something not encouraged by Marcus. Unsurprisingly my family discourage me from attending the second day. When questioned Marcus admits only a small proportion of attendees will ever do very well.

And sometimes that almost delusional level of self-belief, the feeling that one day it will happen, can be as good as the real thing. I went to a free seminar by Marcus de Maria last night, promoting his two day course. I was impressed by some of his articles beforehand though have to say I was a little put off by his agressive sales tactics.

Has anyone had any experience of his course? I'd be gratfeul of any feedback. I'd be grateful of any other recommended beginners courses which I can look into. I'm based in London. You can learn everything you need for free on the net. May 21, , Originally Posted by TigerT. Exactly what I was gonna say. The name even sounds like a made up, spivvy name to me but I could be wrong on that one. Nov 5, , Its funny how you can find out very little about these courses on the Internet.

You keep ending up at the Investment Mastery site or associated sites. I have been on 2 x Day taster sessions. The day is very well put together, lots of enthusiasm and decent guest speakers. Lets say that the sales technique has improved!!

The courses are aimed at the novice investor. It is an 8hr sales pitch. It is not cheap What they offer are the 'keys to the Kingdom' At the end of the day they run a business selling courses - The keys to the kingdom are never attainable These kind of courses sell dreams.

They spend a huge amount of time on the power of compounding This is no reflection of the company, I am sure they generally want to help people invest. But as in all of these courses, it comes at a huge price. If you need the help and guidance of traders, and are prepared to spend some money to get that help, then a course such as this could be for you. Marcus is a nice guy and the day is far from boring. But its an intense sales pitch, keep that in mind As I say, I have been on the taster day that costs too You will learn very little, well nothing that is not on the net or in a book!!

Then the strategies might be for you Nov 5, , 1: There are very few mentors and courses that are worth paying for,most of what you need to learn is available on the web and on this site,the rest is in your mind.

The following members like this post: Nov 5, , 4: Very odd, the testimonials page of his website seems to have been taken down, the google cache is still showing.

There are no trading related testimonials, they are all related to motivational speaking, wealth creation, NLP, the usual nonsense. On another website he came out with this gem.

No-one, and I mean no-one, cares as more about your money than you! Of course we all know how easy that is in just a few minutes a day.

Nov 5, , 5: After going to the 'taster' - I tried to find anyone apart from those at investment mastery to give a testimonial about the strategies.

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