Palm Oil Trading

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Top 5 Palm Oil Producing Countries

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Fresh fruit bunches are transferred to palm oil mills where they are sterilized with high-pressure steam. After steaming, pressing machines crush the fruit to extract crude palm oil. The palm seed or kernel is crushed to produce palm kernel oil. Palm oil is cultivated in 43 countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. The versatility of palm oil makes it popular in a variety of products. Most of the supply of palm oil comes from two countries — Indonesia and Malaysia. As a result, the price of the commodity can be heavily influenced by government policies and news from these countries.

If these trends continue, Indonesian exports of palm oil could decline in the years ahead. This could lead to higher prices. Indonesia also levies export taxes on palm oil, which have varied throughout the years. Changes to this tax could also have an effect on palm oil prices.

The concentration of palm oil supply in a small handful of countries also magnifies the role that weather plays in determining prices. The tropical climates of Indonesia and Malaysia make them susceptible to heavy rains and flooding.

These conditions could delay the harvesting and processing of crops and create supply shortages. Extreme dry weather could also impact prices.

Oil palm plants depend on ample rain to grow and flower. Drought conditions might not only limit fruit yields on plants, but they also have the potential to kill entire plants. Oil produced from palm fruit and kernels competes with many other oils including sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, corn, canola and cottonseed.

The demand for these oils will fluctuate mostly based on price and availability. Political and weather events in regions that produce these other grains could impact their price and availability. Perception about health benefits and risks could also play a big role in determining demand for competing oils. Palm oil is high in saturated fats , and consumption of this type of fat is a source of controversy.

Palm oil has received a great deal of bad publicity because its production has led to deforestation in large parts of Indonesia. Producing the crop requires clearing large plots of land, and these actions impact the biodiversity and ecosystems of the growing regions. Critics say that production of oil palm has a devastating environmental impact. Habitat degradation , climate change , animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuses are among the potential consequences of growing the crop.

However, if the public mood about palm oil production sours, prices could suffer. Biofuels currently represent a small but growing use for palm oil. Factors such as the price of corn and other sources of feedstock could impact this demand. Traders purchase agricultural commodities such as palm oil for many reasons, but the best ones include:.

Investing in palm oil might be a way to hedge against the loss of purchasing power from inflation. Global central banks have kept interest rates low for an extended period of time. This has led to speculation in many asset classes including equities, bonds and real estate.

At some point, the low rate environment could produce serious inflation. Some commodities have been strong in recent years, but on average they have not kept pace with gains in other asset classes.

In periods of inflation, food prices are almost certain to rise. Investing in palm oil may be a way to profit from asset inflation. Three of the top five importers of palm oil are the fast-growing countries of India, China and Pakistan.

As the populations of these countries increase, their demand for food is certain to grow. The presence of palm oil in so many items means it is likely to see higher prices. As many emerging countries grow wealthier, their consumption of meat should rise. Since palm kernel is used in animal feed, demand for this product may grow as well. Most traders have the vast majority of their assets in stocks and bonds.

Commodities such as palm oil provide a way to diversify and reduce overall portfolio risk. Investors that want exposure to palm oil prices might consider buying a basket of commodities that includes other agricultural staples such as wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, and canola. For additional diversification, they may want to invest in other commodities including metals and energy. Purchasing a basket of commodities helps protect traders from the volatility of any individual commodity.

It also adds overall diversification to an investment portfolio. China, India and Pakistan could all play critical roles in driving palm oil prices higher in the years ahead. The countries have enormous populations to feed. Almost all countries are focused on sustainable sources of energy, and biofuels may play an important role in this endeavor. Buying palm oil is a way to bet on this trend. Health concerns may sour consumers on palm oil consumption.

The high saturated fat content in palm oil makes it a controversial dietary choice. If more studies show detrimental health effects from palm oil consumption, demand could suffer.

Environmental concerns about palm oil production have the potential to lessen demand. In particular, Indonesia is now the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the United States. If concerns about global warming intensify, demand for palm oil could suffer. One of the leading experts on palm oil is bullish about the prospects for prices.

He cites the tightness of supply and weakness in production from the two main suppliers — Indonesia and Malaysia — as sources for his optimism:. Peak stocks in Malaysia will not exceed 2. After that stocks will decline … all the way to July and we shall have a period of the tightest ever stocks in history.

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